In case you missed it, you can read my op-ed correcting the record on City College and the College Board race that was published in The Examiner yesterday. I was disheartened that the editors wrote an endorsement editorial without actually talking to the candidates first (you would be surprised at how common this actually is) and then printed factually untrue statements about me made by faculty leaders who have been targeting me. I appreciate the opportunity to correct the record!

The election is so close! Midnight tomorrow is our last filing deadline, and we are so close to reaching our goal! You can make a last-minute contribution to the campaign right here and now and help us finish–and win–this race!

There are other ways you can help, too! Tomorrow, I will be canvassing for Proposition B and for my own race. Will you join me?

Saturday, October 22
11:00 AM
Meet at Claire Lillienthal Elementary School-Scott Campus
3630 Divisadero St.

I also need help with visibility (holding a sign and handing out literature) at farmers’ markets and BART/MUNI stops.

Contact us to help with the campaign and let’s finish this race with a win!

Thank you for your continued support!